Center for Language Research

University of Rijeka

Iris Vidmar

Senior Instructor

Department of Philosophy

UniRi Porfolio:


Research Interests

Relation between philosophy and art, particularly literature and film, the nature and phenomenology of reading experience from the psychological, aesthetic and cognitive perspective, interpretation of art, literariness of language and possibility of defining literature via belles lettres; literary cognitivism and humanism, cognitive benefits available in literature and the underlying mechanism – language and testimony – that enable it; nature and identity of fictional characters; difference between text and work, the problem of paraphrase in literature, particularly in poetry; narrative art: language and construction of narrative; Hume and Kant; translation of philosophical works into Croatian.


Selected Publications

Vidmar I. (forthcoming in 2014), “Istine i trivijalnosti književnih djela”, Kultura: special issue dedicated to literary culture and truth

Vidmar I. (2014), “Film kao filozofija”, Kultura, 13-33

Vidmar I. (2014), “Thought Experiments, Hypotheses and the Cognitive Dimension of Literary Fiction”, Synthesis Philosophica, pp. 177-193

Vidmar I. (2013), “Filozofija i književnost o svijetu i čovjeku: isto a različito” Prolegomena, 12, 2, pp. 285313

Vidmar I. (2013), “Literary Cognitivism and Epistemic Aims”, in Beogradsko-riječki susreti: zbornik filozofskih radova, ed. Arsenijević M., Institut za filozofiju Filozofskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, Beograd

Vidmar I. (2012), “Communicative View of Literature: A Case for Fictional Testimony”, Balkan Journal of Philosophy, 4, 1, pp. 81-92

Vidmar I. (2012), “Plato’s Ion in the Context of Literary Cognitivism”, Glasnik za Društvene Nauke, 4, pp. 111-152

Vidmar I. (2010),Against Cognitive Triviality of Art”, Proceedings of the European Society for Aesthetics

Prijić-Samaržija S. and I. Vidmar (2012), “Fikcijsko Svjedočanstvo”, Prolegomena, 11, 1, pp. 65-82

Vidmar I. and E. Baccarini (2010), “Art, Knowledge, and Testimony”, Synthesis Philosophica. 25, 2, pp. 333-348



Identity project (Associate, Project leader: Prof Boran Berčić)