Center for Language Research

University of Rijeka

Martina Blečić

Ph.D. Student in Philosophy

Department of Philosophyčić/31/77/815



Research Interests


The fundamental research interests of Martina Blečić are related to the philosophy of language, especially to pragmatics, understood both as a philosophical and a cognitive discipline. She takes interest in the distinction between semantics and pragmatics, especially the approaches focused on the personal/subpersonal cognitive activity of speakers and hearers. She also explores the relation between language and speech and phenomena like conversational and conventional implicatures, explicatures and implicitures. Besides that, she works on the merging of pragmatic investigations with findings from other philosophical disciplines, especially those from epistemology (for example, through the question whether we can testify with indirect speech acts) and ethics (can we lie through indirect speech acts), but also those from other fields of research (for example, through the application of indirect speech acts theory to media and legal theory).


Selected Publications


„Od jezika do djelovanja“, Novi Kamov, Sv. 4, X, 2010


„Drawing the Boundaries of Meaning: Neo-Gricean Studies in Pragmatics and Semantics in Honor of Laurence R. Horn“ (book review), Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XI, No. 31, 2011


„Communication, Implicature and Testimony“, Balkan Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 4, Issue 1, 2012


„’Značenje, stvarnost i konceptualna struktura: ogled o temeljima semantike i njihovim ontološkim implikacijama’ – Joško Žanić“ (book review), Prolegomena, God. 11, Br. 2, studeni 2012


„On the variability of slurs“ (forthcoming)