The course offered to you is designed for foreigners and people for whom Ukrainian is not their mother tongue. Learning Ukrainian as a foreign language has a practical purpose. The study is based on a conscious-practical (cognitive) method. This method is called conscious because the learning process involves the study of language forms necessary for communication. This method is called practical because the final purpose is the practical use of the language and appropriate communication in various speaking situations.
The teaching of Ukrainian to foreigners is based on the syntactic principle. The basis for the presentation of syntactic structures is a sentence model, which is considered a certain syntactic pattern. According to this pattern, many sentences can be formed with the same syntactic structure but with different lexical content.
This course will enable you to master the Ukrainian language at the level A1
(beginner) – A2 (basic) – B1 (advanced). The result of successful mastery of the course is the formation of a systematised complex of communicative skills, practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the Ukrainian language aimed at meeting the social, domestic, school, business and socio-cultural needs of the person.


Tetiana Dobroshtan
Ph. D., Associate professor
Kyiv National Linguistic University
Kyiv, Ukraine