Center for Language Research

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Language technologies and Digital Humanities

Digital humanities is a growing interdisciplinary academic area introducing innovative methodologies for collecting, archiving, analysis and presentation of data used in humanities and social sciences by means of technological innovations. Language technologies, such as those developed within the scope of corpus or computational linguistics, are an important element of this interdisciplinary approach to the research of language.

The Language Technologies and Digital Humanities (LTDH) working group of the Center for Language Research (CLAR) has been organized in order to explore the most recent findings and practices within this new academic area and promote their use in the research of language, but also to connect linguistic research with other branches of humanities, social and computer sciences.

The LTDH group meets once a months and organizes lectures, seminars and workshops on:
– Digital approaches to language research conceived within disciplines such as corpus linguistics, lexicology, lexicography, psycholinguistics, documentary linguistics, sociolinguistics, design of experimental methods, etc.
– Methods and technologies of analysis and visualization of data in linguistics and humanities: R, Python, SPSS, FLEx, Protege, Gephi, HTML, XML, interactive modules of visualization (D3), etc.
– Application of language technologies in digital humanities, such as in historical research, ethnology, musicology, education, digital publishing, etc.

Working group coordinator:

Benedikt Perak